Four dates in the clubs of the two cities for the country girl produced by Simona Virlinzi. On May 10th and 12th, live in London on May 13th and 15th in Dublin for Roberta Finoicchiaro Forte of her debut album "Paper Leaves" and an international repertoire of blues, folk and pop jazz also played in our clubs. and 11 day off to see live in London his myth John Mayer.

The Blues Dell'etna by Roberta Finocchiaro, the 23-year-old singer-songwriter Catania produced by Simona Virlinzi with his Tillie Records, overlooks London and Dublin for four dates in the clubs, two in the British capital, and two in the Irish. These dates: London Wednesday, May 10 at Toulouse Lautrec Venue and May 12 at King William Open Mic; In Dublin on May 13 at the Harbour Bar in Co. Wicklow Bray and on May 15th at Whelan's. The date off of May 11 is not accidental: it will serve Roberta Finocchiaro to go to the 02 Arena in London to attend the concert of his musical myth, the American singer-songwriter John Mayer. Uns ccording Mito for her to see live and possibly know after Bruce Springsteen, met thanks to Simona Virlinzi after the concert in Zurich on 1 August last year. "Good Luck for your music" then sentenced the Boss for Roberta who still does not believe herself for the meeting made.

Roberta Finocchiaro came out last September 30 with her debut album "Paper Leaves", produced by Tillie Records, a disc made of simple texts and great musical construction. The album was produced by Alberto Bianco, recorded in the Waterbirds studios and mixed by Riccardo Parravicini, mastered by Giovanni Versari. In the world of Roberta there is no hip hop of his peers but another world "black" more vintage, that of blues, folk, country, music of the years 70, songwriters like John Mayer, or pearls of jazz songwriter as Joni Mitchell and Norah Jones. All in a natural way, when Roberta takes the guitar, the melodies, the songs, are born flowing. On stage he pulls out all his grit but in everyday life is a simple girl. The perfect look of the new country Girl, glasses, hat and brick red lipstick. And by Brava country Girl, nature is also an environment that Roberta loves a lot: "I love the mountain, Etna inspires me a lot."

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