I would not like to personalize the following words in this first article, belonging to a future nourished collection of artists and songwriters of Catania. But I would like to confess to every adventurous, thirsty for reading and music, how fortunate I am today. Taking into account the difficulties you have in intercepting a talented oso\a, fishing the interviewer for a long time may be unsuccessful. The reasons are simply two: the water, inside which it is decided to dip the bait, is lacking in large fish; The current of the media myth alienates The Big Fish, from the humble fishermen of stories, leading them to vessels of vision.

But my luck not only led me to fish at a river full of art and talent, like Catania; But I was fortunate enough to interview a great talent of Catanese Folk-Pop music: his name and Roberta Finocchiaro.

Roberta is a daughter of art. Born into a family of musicians, at only 10 years begins his journey of love and music. So in 2010, just 17 years old, he began his long artistic journey; After assembling his band, New Generation Class, Roberta played everywhere: streets, squares and venues of Catania. Until she was noticed by Tillie Records, a record label by Simona Virlinzi, with whom she still maintains close production reports.

Within your repertoire, the first song I got to Listen to was a remake of a Johnny Cash song, Ring of Fire. I am not a lover of culture Cover; But the way you've revisited, and interpreted, this song has hit me a lot. However, the first Whatami question in mind referred to the origins of your cultural encounter with artists like Johnny Cash, and all those who contributed to the history of Country and Folk music. How does this part of history affect your artistic path? And why do you think the youth class should approach or even know this part of the musical history?

My encounter with this kind of "Folk Country" happened when I started playing. I was only 10 years old and growing up in a family of musicians at home did not listen to music "commercial" but very Jazz, Blues, American Folk. My first memory is a DVD of Joni Mitchell. Playing the guitar I was very natural and I started to discover many American artists "Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, Jeff and Tim Buckley, John Mayer, Norah Jones, Tracy Chapman, Dave mattews" and many others.

This genre is part of me, when I started listening and playing I managed to understand that I could transmit all my emotions through the guitar and my voice. not even I love to play COVER; but I think you have to choose well. I personally choose a song when I get excited and feel I can do mine. -Continue below-in my opinion to get closer to the genre Blues and Folk you have to be a real enthusiast. The youth class should approach because it is music that comes from the soul, music that can make travel and that can teach many things.

Contaminations and new projects

It is certain how much they can influence the sensibility, the blue notes nostalgic of the Blues; Or the fast pace of the Folk Country. However, listening to "white", a recent single of yours, by listener if you did not know the musical roots that Vanti, I could never think how much your training is interacting with musicians from eras, styles and methods of writing a songwriter Divergence, some times, in opposition with the shooting contemporary artistic costume. White I would call it a Pop song, not certainly Folk. Do you agree?

That's right, it's a Pop song, but for me the shades of acoustic guitars give the piece a Folk color. When the guitar live sound and voice you can notice a lot. All the album leaves paper shows folk colors and blues mixed with pop. Paper leaves was a way to start. My next album will certainly be much more representative. This is really me.


Paper leaves and the next exit

During the song "Tear", for example I could notice the mixture to which you refer. Essential guitar; A timid but firmly inserted accordion at the end of every strophic moment. I would be interested in deepening the textual content of the songs. In your album "Paper Leaves", an inseparable acoustic guitar accompanies music and words that tell you possibilities, alternatives (in sentimental key, you mean). But to venture into a meticulous paraphrase, as well as to involve known risks of misinterpretation, could provide distorted reading keys: Why don't you talk a little bit about it? Also, since you mentioned yourself, what will the listener expect from this new album?

The songs of "paper Leaves" all speak of life experiences. Jerking talks about a relationship that still tries to survive despite the many disappointments "the tears". I believe that listening to the songs of "paper Leaves" each of us can interpret them according to their own experiences. The new album will be very different from the first, it will be a very personal album, talk about me. Will be released with the label Tillie Records by Simona Virlinzi My producer and Manager, thanks to her happen "crazy things".

I'd like to talk but I can't say anything now.

Catania and its artistic opportunities

One last question to answer before concluding. An artist, a talent, in addition to having to possess and acquire the skills necessary to be such, needs something, or someone, acting as a channel expressive: an audience. In the reality of unpublished music, we know how complicated it is to get a space to perform; and an audience to transmit their creativity to. The city of Catania, and its audience, how much have you been friends, in reference to what is said?


where it all started. I played a lot around "local, festival" La Gavetta that I still continue to do playing outside of Sicily. Catania was a gym, I also had the support of many musicians Catanese. In the reality of the new music is very difficult, you have to have a lot of patience, never stop and especially believe it, it is discounted to say but there are no other ways

And as Norah Jones says "Good things are happening, but slow happening."

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