The 22-year-old Catanese, daughter of art, never separates from her guitar. And, after a start in the city with the band New Generation class, arrives the first solo album-recorded between Catania and Turin-with Tillie Records by Simona Virlinzi, sister of the famous producer Francesco. "My life is playing live," says

She has always been surrounded by music, having as background of her life the jazz tones of her father, the musician except Finocchiaroat three years old she sang the first song and then, pushed by her mother, she started writing about her own, as well as taking piano lessons and playing the guitar, the instrument from which she never separates. Success has yet to come, but the 22-year-old Catania Roberta Finocchiaro is giving a lot to do. "I always felt the need to express myself through music-tells Meridionews -and for me, that in life I'm a very closed girl, represents a kind of vent."

Raised to the sound of John Mayer, Norah Jones, Johnny Cash and Jimi Hendrix, to name a few, in 2010 he puts on, along with two friends, the band New Generation class with which he publishes an EP. But the real breakthrough for her arrives on December 23, 2014, when the producer Simona Virlinzi, sister of Francesco, notes the group and offers an opportunity. "She came to listen to us at an evening and from there began our adventure together." Definitely a nice Christmas present. When the bassist decides to leave, the band melts and Roberta continues the project with Tillie Records – Label of Virlinzi – solo, recording between Catania and Torino the first album, leaves of carta, which will be released In September.

"I worked with Turin singer-songwriter Alberto Bianco -explains the young singer-with whom I edited the artistic production of the album and with the sound engineer Riccardo Parravicini, who collaborates with Niccolò fabi, Daniele Silvestri and Max gazzè». After the release of the first album, Finocchiaro has already planned a tourthat will kick off in Sicily and then cross the borders of the island. Despite the Sicilian origins, emerge for her was not too complicated, thanks to the privilege of being raised in a family of musicians and having the opportunity to record the first demos in a professional studio. and to be appreciated and recommended by many musicians close to the father, even if it has never felt benefited from this. "My father never helped me in this sense, it was the people who noticed my talent, regardless of the emotional bond."

The response of the general public could come soon and Roberta imagines that among these will be, in addition to peers, "older people and especially musicians", who appreciate its pop genre with blues, country and folk shades inspired by American sounds. But, sound apart, Roberta would like to be able to conquer fans even for the lyrics, which are very inspired by nature. "My favorite places are in the mountains, there I can concentrate and write. In the texts I talk about my personal experiences, but I also tell stories that are heard around, that revolve around the theme oflove and the desire to make new experiences».

The output disc, in fact, is "the photograph of a happy moment, the joy of recording the first album with a team and the luck of having found a producer who bets on my record, despite the period is very difficult." But Roberta can also count on the support of the family and friends who "wait for the exit and hope something nice will happen." Yet she does not expect ' everything and immediately ', is already beginning to write the pieces for the next disc and has clear ideas on what is asking the future.

no talent show, which is against it because they "ruin the music and the artists are burnt immediately, while it is important to grow with the Gavetta, playing in pubs and passing even difficult moments." too many covers of famous bands and no space for new talents and unpublished songs. "The music in Italy is now shrinking to this and we often do not even remember who comes out of these programs." Who survives, clarifies Roberta, lives on video and TV doing very few concerts. "But music is playing live." For this reason his desire is to "travel by playing", to live like a real musician. "If success comes, I will confront him. Maybe moving to the United States, which would be the best. '

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