The icing on the cake. This is how the Sicilian date of the ON Tour by Elisa can be defined last night at the Pal'art Hotel in Acireale and with which the singer has closed the tour that has seen her protagonist in the Palasport of the main Italian cities.

Roberta Finocchiarothought about opening the evening. The very young artist from Catania, with his own guitar, has warmed the former Palatupparello (which was to be filled during his performance) with three pieces, including Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash.

At the end of the exhibition of Finocchiaro and pass the 21:00 the public begins to scan the name of their darling.  Suddenly the lights turn off and a canvas is lowered that shields the stage from the public, a clear signal that the show is about to begin. The image projected on that cloth is that of a girl who plays first a Hang drum and then a flute: That Girl is Elisa. After this purely instrumental intro begins the actual show and the first piece in the lineup is the same as the last album, Bad Habits.

by No Hero , the single of ON already double platinum, one has the first decibels peak of the evening: the crowd sings loudly and the Scenographic show does its part. Elisa continues with Stay, during which in the circle screens forming part of the stage are projected slogans of support to a world of equal rights.

After, is the time to burn for you, another single of the last disc (notable as the last songs of Toffoli were appreciated), chosen by the fan club to surprise the artist: the chorus in fact the audience has turned into a sea of Red slips that oscillating in time gave an unexpected joy to the singer.

The live continues between new songs and absolute masterpieces that have made known the name of Elisa in every part of the world: on all I feel to cite and yet feel for the emotional charge created (I dropped a lacrimuccia) and Broken played close to the Parterre in a way so intimate as to bring the rest of the band-formed by Andrea Rigonat (guitar), Curt Schneider (bass), Victor Indrizzo (drums), Cristian Rigano (keyboards), Jessica Childress and Sharlotte Gibson (backing vocals) -to sit with Her a few inches from the audience.

The crowd is in awe and the artist continues to maintain it in such a state with I would like to raise you, at least you in the Universe and Heaven out of Hell until you get a technical trouble. Only problem of name, as Elisa comes out great: first you do teach, by the present, as you give an announcement of the genre in the local dialect and then simply asks for a tool (whether it is a guitar or a keyboard does not matter) in order to play the requests Coming from the public (in this case Rain over my head and Dancing that are never played pieces on this tour and that therefore are an exclusive of Acireale, for the series "Not all evils come to harm"). "A concert that will last 6 hours and three quarters" says Elisa (if the fault is not solved): We all do not care and indeed ask her to continue all night, but she recommends doing more in the following hours (do not think bad, refers to matches of Rummy with Friends of course...) .

Problem solved and the concert can continue as a ladder: in the opening of the evening there had been a tribute to Johnny Cash, Elisa instead pays Leonard Cohen singing hallelujah. After this moment that define deep is reductive, we are unleashed on stage and in the audience. An Elisa in Grease version drives the party and Love Me Forever, Together and Rainbow seem to close the concert in a veritable riot of light and color.

But it's not over here, no. The encore (With The Hurt, the obstacles of the heart and cures Me) is sung in unison by the present and completes a perfect evening (or almost) in which the risk of life due to adverse weather conditions, has certainly repaid.

Nothing to add then on Elisa from the artistic point of view: What struck me is instead the humanity of Toffoli that together with his sympathy (coming out during the technical discomfort) make it an example to follow for all new generations.

Posted on 08/12/2016 – 11:58 by Edward Agrippino Margarone (Click here to see the original article)


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