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The, in, yours, of, are,
Il, you,
The, also, stars, it, Ha, Sul,
I, AI, you, like, it, all,
Le, World, your, by, all, account, which, here, life, can, people, every,
2, from, one,
For, FA, My,
In, them,
I, nights, new, now, I know,
For, where, without, do, time, state, either, December, there, again, time, six, time, our, US, new, we, you can,
If, my, home, other, me, yours, form,
If, possible, today, picture, why, end, who, then,
Not, that,
A, best, all,
With, far, great, movies, never, war, you, together, you want, ho, door, done,
Is, like, now, Back, But, some, out, houses,
Only, this, here, blue, Wind,
This, heart, true, times, out, strong, well,
That, go, will come, roads, you, now,
Lo, age, Lonely, place, that, people, take, want,
Name, street, bass,
Come on, stay, be able, coffee, color, pits, dreams,
We, bed, where, head, col, Desire, white, early, bottom, nothing, face, I, bit, lose, step,
You, peace, have, rest, red, change, write, say, down, away, fortune, stories, never, words,
My, Still, evil, said, by now, Magic, canal, remnants,
I have, heaven, again,
From, front, feel, last, freedom, love, mind,
LOVE, Try, Mani, I'm, don't, fire, you know, transmission, heart,
It, might,
Here, impossible, sound, thoughts, row, another, talk, stare,
But, Head, look, I am, inside, yourself, black, only, avoid, touch, look, down,
Without, hotel, lost, giving, cold, an hour, say,
Like, background, devo, weight, close, stay, SEA, I'll, dark, whack, Blues, beat, Self,
I, get me, Apart, hide, care, this time, whites, I think, equals, Rain,
Alle, Tomorrow,
Living, poetry, love, Dreaming, should, gave, what's, save, eye, fall, remain,
I hope, detach, can't, I take, we can, ride, Inside, I see, I find, blue,
Heart, cold, gifts, smile,
So much, clouds, meanwhile, dust,
Perhaps, to succeed, deep,
When, laugh, eyes, comes,
White, thinking about it, reflected, believed, take, opinion, makeup, vibes, leaf, dance,
Come, drawer, immense, unknown, love, meadow, understood, feeling, closed,
On, open,
Tomorrow, Heartbeat,
Sleep, I wanted to, Melody, fall, coloring,
But, Mirror, want, latch, socks, Guardo, conviction, destiny, crowded,
I wish, lied, I read, Goodbye, won't, Dino, slowly, breathlessly, surrender,
I would understand, think back, autumn, confused, wrong, beatin', invisible, skill, hide, vanished,
Looking at them, growing old, saving them,
Somewhere, falling, struggling,
I admit, CO ' is it?, Ricasco,
I decide, who knows, it rains, worry,
Breath, belong, we remain, feel, to the last, believe, speak, scarcely, an obsession, look,
Lie Down, remember,
They change, they bottene, pretending,
They shoot, bombs, smart, F * * *,
distractedly, I Fall,
To look, to say, to shoot, to hit me, I will bleed, I'll fight
Counting, I'll stop,
Asking, meaningless, cought,
Rest, appearances,
Break, throw me, wear out, madness, will sound, listen,
INVISIBLE, Blowin ', Skin, Breeze, comin ',
Watching, peculiarity, wounds,
Infect, do?,
I would avoid, confuse it,
Walking, THROUHG, crying, loud,
They fly, they pass,
An hour, to see you, weep,
I would succeed, stay, stop, write, dye, suffer, know,
Not even, I wear, sweatshirt, dress, wear, yellowing,
Close, to the soul,


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